Generator yamaha YG6600DEC generators rv constuction


Subject: Generator yamaha YG6600DEC generators rv constuction
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battery & wheel kit NOT included
The YG6600DE is the best-selling generator in Yamaha's Industrial/Contractor lineup. The top-of-the-industrial-line YG6600DE delivers the same performance of the YG6600D and adds the convenience of electric starting, automatic choke, and remote starting capabilities. This ultra-dependable, dual 120/240-volt AC output generator delivers 6600 maximum watts of power and 8000 watts of surge capacity. Its 357cc OHV 4-stroke engine provides 8.3 hours of continuous operation without refueling.
Provides 120 and 240 volt operation
High temperature/ high pressure engine casting process
Provides consistent performance during continuous use
Reduces maintenance requirements
Automatically shuts off before oil level is low
Cannot be re-started until oil is added
Guarantees correct power delivery even with extension cords
Transistor Controlled Ignition (T.C.I.)
Provides clean, efficient spark
Reduces electrical interference with TVs and radios
Automatically "opens" valve slightly to reduce initial backpressure when starting
Keeps sparks from exiting exhaust system
Reduces chance of fires caused by an errant spark
Ground Fault Interrupter (G.F.I.)
Lets operator monitor how much fuel is left
Electric motor cranks generator until it starts
When there is no load on the generator, it automatically returns to idle
Protects AC circuit in case of an overload