Generator yamaha EF2800IC generators rv camping


Subject: Generator yamaha EF2800IC generators rv camping
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Generators can be loud and annoying and that can be a problem whether you're providing backup power at home, camping in the wilderness, or working on the job site. With the EF2800i, Yamaha has created one of the most quiet generators in its class. The engineers looked at the total design and then made changes where they would be most effective i.e., engine operating speed, intake noise, exhaust noise, and valvetrain noise. The most important addition is something we call "Economy Control." Here's how it works: Typically, after starting a generator as it's generating power the generator operates at a constant rpm to produce peak power. This is usually the loudest noise level. With "Economy Control," the engine speed automatically changes to match power demand. Therefore, if you're powering only some small appliance or lights, the generator runs at a low engine rpm. Then, as power demand increases, the engine revs up accordingly.
It's not uncommon to have generators weighing over 120 lbs. And weight usually corresponds to power output. That is, until Yamaha created the EF2800i. Tipping the scales at just 64 lbs., it's the lightest generator in its class. The key is its multipole rotor with a small stator and Pulse Width Modulation inverter. This design is smaller and lighter than a conventional two-pole alternator and large stator and it makes the EF2800i extremely portable.
Most generators can't power anything with microcomputers or sophisticated electronics their generated power has too many spikes and irregular wavelengths that can destroy sensitive equipment. The EF2800i with its inverter system features Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) so wavelength distortion is less than 2.5 percent it's ideal for equipment that requires stable frequency and voltage.
Feature Benefit
Acoustically designed sound reduction system.
Sound absorbing material used in key locations inside the enclosure along with newly designed muffler and molded fan produce unbeatable noise reduction
Material absorbs rather than resonates sound
Load Sensing Throttle Control.
Automatically adjusts engine speed to precisely match load, resulting in greater fuel efficiency and noise reduction.
Runs Continuously for up to 20.5 hours without refueling (at 1/4 rated load with "Economy Control" function on.
(Battery Charging Cables Included)
Recharge 12 volt batteries for RV, auto, marine, aircraft, etc.
Inverter System with Pulse Width Modulation
Industry-leading system that produces higher-quality and cleaner electricity. Results in pure sine wave as clean or cleaner than commercial power and can operate products with built in microcomputers
Exclusive Dual Coil Alternator Stator
Reduced noise, fuel consumption and engine wear
Control Panel enables easy access to controls
OHV 171cc Engine (Overhead Valve)
Oil Warning Engine Shut off System