General merchandise business for sale


Subject: General merchandise business for sale
This is a business that has been active since
1954! Fifty two years of service to the people
of the Pee Dee area of South Carolina! This
is a "mom and pop" general merchandise store
that sells household appliances, restaurant
equipment and a whole lot more! We sell
$100,000 or more every year of high profit
merchandise! The building contains 15,500
square feet. Property fronts on Hwy 52 for
225 feet. The traffic volume on this road
is terrific! The SCDOT count is 7,800
The building is on a 3 and 1/2 acre track
of land. Since the picture was taken, we have
sold a lot on the right to Family Dollar Stores
and they do a terrific business 7 days a week!
Sale price on the whole thing, land building
and inventory is $525,000. This can be partially
inventory, etc for $125,000 and lease the
building. Owner will share a lifetimes worth
of deals and train the new owners as long as
it takes! If a "Snowbird" does'nt grab this
gold mine fast... a local yocal Will:) You
may get more information by writing to
Howleco Sales, 1552 S. Main St. Darlington,SC
29532. We are too busy running this empire
to yak via telephone! .
Don't lose it if you can use it!