Generac guardian quietsource (qt) 25KW 5324 generator


Subject: Generac guardian quietsource (qt) 25KW 5324 generator
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Designed for Commercial Applications
QT Series generators are a reliable, cost-effective backup power solution for commercial establishments and small businesses. There are over a dozen models to choose from, ranging in output from 15 to 150 kilowatts. These compact, powerful gensets are ideal for a broad range of enterprises, including restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, banks, fitness centers, hotels, and retail outlets.
QT Series products are environmentally friendly, surprisingly quiet, and amazingly affordable. These gaseous-fueled gensets operate on either natural gas or liquid propane (LP) vapor, which means that there are none of the concerns associated with diesel fuel, such as spillage, spoilage or odor.
Sound attenuation is standard on all QT Series gensets. QT Value models offer a lower price point. QT Premium models feature larger, more powerful engines that run at slower and quieter speeds during standby operation. Every QT Series genset includes the Quiet- Test™ feature, which allows the engine to run at reduced speed for near-silent operation when utility power is present.
Modular Power System Models — 200 to 1500 kW
For greater power requirements, two QT Series models (100 and 150 kW) are available with optional onboard paralleling capabilities as part of Generac's Modular Power System. This allows the easy combination of multiple units to satisfy higher kilowatt needs without expensive paralleling switchgear.
Best of all, QT Series generators are surprisingly affordable. They're designed and engineered for maximum value, making them ideal for businesses that previously regarded standby generators as too costly.
Having standby power allows a business to keep operating whenever utility power is lost. This means a protected revenue stream and avoidance of expensive losses. Considering the cost of a blackout, a QT Series genset might pay for itself during the first lengthy power outage, yet also provide decades of reliable service. Investing in a QT Series genset is a wise business decision.
Generac A.P. Electric installs Generators up to 6000kW and I have to say that the new Quiet Test (QT) Generators are the best generator on the market to date! Much easier to install than its predecessors, with so many changes there are too many to list. The New QT gensets are the best line of generators on the market today!
NEW QT Series Generac Generators
QT025 25kW 120/240V 1-Phase 104.2Amps 3600RPM 1.6L 4cyl 61dBA NG
This units Enclosure is Steel.
Please call for other available voltages.
See below Transfer Switch Options.
Call A.P. Electric for Transfer Switch Purchase:
This model features the R-100 Digital Controller.
White Papers:
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Specifications subject to change without notice.
Cyclic cranking: 7 seconds on, 7 seconds rest. 90 seconds overcrank protection.
Automatic Voltage Regulator with Over-Voltage Protection
Starter cannot re-engage until 5 seconds after the engine has stopped
2 Amp Timed Trickle Battery Charger
Utility failure/7 day exercise
Stops unit. Power is removed. Control and charger still operate
Start with starter control, unit stays on. If utility fails,transfer to load takes place
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Go to 20kW Model 5210 Specifications PDF***For 3 phase specs click here!
Go to 25 Model 5324 Specifications PDF ***For 3 phase specs click here!
QT Installation Drawings: Click Here
YEARS ONE and TWO - Limited comprehensive coverage on mileage, labor and all components.
YEAR ONE - Limited comprehensive coverage on mileage, labor, and all components.
YEAR TWO - Limited comprehensive coverage on all components.
Call for different voltage options!
5-Year extended warranty now available for ALL Elite models:$998.00 for 20kW to 40kW$1002.00 for 41kW to 100kW$1788.00 for 101kW to 150kWStart-up required and extra fees may apply.
PowerManager® H-100 Controller
RTS-100 to 400 Amp, 600 VAC Automatic Transfer Switches. For use with the R-100 Digital Controller only.
HTS-100 to 800 Amp, 600 VAC Automatic Transfer Switches. For use with the PowerManager® H-100 Controller only.
The easy way to protect your home and family
Generac Power Systems is a reliable, independent power source for the home. Permanently wired into your electrical system, it automatically detects any power outage and switches on to keep your electrical appliances running without a hitch.
AUTOMATIC - Continuously monitors your electrical system and turns on automatically if power goes out. Turns itself off when power is restored.
CONVENIENT - Installed outside your home, takes up approximately the same space as a central air unit.
RELIABLE - Conducts weekly self tests so you're assured of reliable operation.
UL APPROVED - Transfer switch prevents dangerous power backfeeds. Automatic safety shutdown protects engine.
QUIET & EFFICIENT - Runs on clean, dependable natural gas or propane. Connected directly to you natural gas line or propane tank.
2 year warranty for parts & labor