Generac guardian QT020 commercial unit


Subject: Generac guardian QT020 commercial unit
SquareTrade AP6.0Guardian QT020 Commercial unit with an Aluminum enclosure
* Our quietest, liquid-cooled model.
* Powerful, industrial engine fueled by natural gas or LP gas.
* A sound attenuated enclosure protects generator from harmful weather and reduces exterior noise levels. Includes key locks for security.
* Built-in charger maintains battery at optimum performance level.
* Automatic safety shutdowns protect engine and generator in event of low oil pressure, high temperature, overspeed and/or overcrank.
* Automatic seven-day exerciser runs the system for fifteen minutes each week to maintain top running condition.
* An avaiable 200-amp remote-mounted automatic transfer switch for fast and efficient unattended transfer to generator when utility source fails which must be purchased seperately
83.3 amps single phase at 240v 69.5 amps three phase at 208v
Cyclic cranking: 7 seconds on, 7 seconds rest. 90 seconds overcrank protection.
Automatic Low Oil Shutdown Standard
, 70 Hz Overcrank Protection Standard
Automatic Voltage Regulator with Over-Voltage Protection Standard
Starter Lockout Starter cannot re-engage until 5 seconds after engine has stopped
2 Amp Timed Trickle Battery Charger Standard
Mode Switch: Auto Switch Utility failure 7 day exerciser
Auto Switch Utility failure/7 day exercise
Off Switch Stops unit. Power is removed. Control and charger still operate Manual / Test Start with starter control, unit stays on. If utility fails, transfer to load takes place