Generac 400AMP service entrance rated transfer switch


Subject: Generac 400AMP service entrance rated transfer switch
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Your Generac Stand-by generator system constantly monitors your electrical service and within seconds of an outage automatically starts up and safely provides electricity to your home or business for as long as needed.
When electric power is restored, the Generac Stand-by generator system safely and automatically switches you back to your utility company and shuts off, ready for the next outage.
The stand-by generator system is designed to operate automatically with no intervention during an outage. It's so smart it even automatically exercises itself every 7 days - so it is always ready when needed!
GENERAC 400Amp Transfer Switch 3R Aluminum Enclosure Model RTSE400A3 W/400A built-in breaker.
Generac RTS automatic transfer switches are designed for a wide variety of applications that require 400 amps. Model includes 400 amp service rated that eliminate the need for a separate service disconnect when covering all of the loads in the building.
(For use with the R-100 Digital Controller only.)