Gendex denoptix digital imaging system & film eraser


Subject: Gendex denoptix digital imaging system & film eraser
Gendex DenOptix Digital Imaging System & Film Eraser
Easily Converts Traditional Film To Digital Images
* Saves precious time vs. other systems - allowing the unattended acquisition of images.
* Just load the plates and return to your patient. Load 'n Leave, thanks to the patented one-step scanner loading design
* The system for heavy intraoral workloads. Up to 39 intraoral images can be obtained in as little as 9 seconds each.
* High-quality digital Panoramic images can be obtained in less than 3 minutes, and cephalographic images in less than 4 minutes.
* Highly rated diagnostic quality images
* Wireless, reusable imaging plates
* Wider dynamic range than film
* Compatible with all film based x-ray systems
* Does not require panoramic machine modification for digital retrofit
Air Techniques ScanX Eraser Features:
* Holes up to 21 size 2 PSPs
* Excellent, guaranteed to be in full working order!!!
* DenOptix Digital Imaging System
* Air Techniques ScanX Eraser
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