Ge parametrics moisture image series 1 w/ 2 probes M382


Subject: Ge parametrics moisture image series 1 w/ 2 probes M382
Parametrics Moisture Image Series 1 with 2 probes, cables. Unit turns on and reads probe info. May need to be setup to operate in your application and user may have to run the calibration program but unit should be in operating condition. Unit was removed from an operating system used for determining moisture during a purging operation. Estimated cost for unit and probes is over $16K. The sale price is about the price of a single probe. Probes are on Cajon fittings that presently connect to a VCR fittings.
The General Electric Sensor Div. company says that this unit can be used to find absolute humidity in liquids and gases, ambient to ppb moisture and oxygen ranges,
One to six measurement channels with 2 channels with probes, Simultaneous graphic display of six measurements, 16-bit moisture measurement resolution, compatible with MISP,TF and M Series type moisture probes, 2 auxiliary inputs for other parameters
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These are General Electric Sensors description of this unit:
The Moisture Image Series 1 (MIS 1) analyzer is the top-of-the-line model in GE Panametrics’ family of Moisture Series analyzers. This multifunction analyzer uses charts, graphs and windows to display any of six parameters (moisture, oxygen, temperature, pressure and two auxiliary inputs) for as many as six channels
simultaneously on a large, backlit LCD. Real-time data can also be exported to a PC using the instrument’s RS232 port and standard or custom software packages.
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