Gatan ultrasonic cutter


Subject: Gatan ultrasonic cutter
Model 601 Ultrasonic Disc Cutter
Rapid cutting of brittle materials
The original disc cutter for TEM applications, introduced for cutting 2.3mm and 3mm discs from brittle materials such as ceramics, semiconductors and minerals.
A variety of cutting tool sizes (0.1mm to 10mm) and shapes (circles, squares, rectangles, etc.) has expanded its use beyond microscopy applications (cut holes or cut shapes).
Cutting is achieved through a piezo crystal driven Titanium tool in conjunction with a water-based slurry of boron nitride.
The gentle action of the cutting tool combined with a constant tool load provided by the action of the pivoting platform reduces or eliminates stress and chipping around the cutout or the cut piece.
Sample thickness can range from 30µm to 5mm and the depth of cut is continually displayed on a dial indicator (10µm resolution).
A microscope and positioning table (Optional) can provide precise cutting at a specific point on the sample surface. A primary application is precision TEM specimen preparation of materials, i.e. Semiconductors.