Gaming center w/ full espresso & smoothie bar computers


Subject: Gaming center w/ full espresso & smoothie bar computers
Popular Espresso Bar, Coffee, Smoothie Shop and Cyber Gaming Center For Sale Complete Assets (a 326k retail value)
Great opportunity for you to open the perfect, popular cafe and game center. Due to my wife's cancer we had to close a well running, extremely profitable business. So, as they say "Our Loss is your gain".
Computers/Consoles are leased per hour (we did $6/hr) for use in the store and Food/Refreshments & Merchandise were available. The PC Cafe management software (smartlaunch) is included for up to 37 seats. All PC's are XP Pro with a valid License. All software and Games are included. Complete Setup w/Servers.
Very simple to operate and manage. We ran from 2002 until Sept. 2006. This offer includes everything, literally. We are even including 3 Registered Federal Trademarks. Websites (coffee house and gaming center), 8 Gigs of source art and data for signage, logos, posters, events and everything else. There are no leins on the assets.
Seriously this is 4 years of materials, assets and everything you need to operate a popular Coffee Shop / LAN Center, Gaming Center. Could be a great franchise concept.
Here's a complete List of Assets: (Building not included)
ASSET DESCRIPTION Original Retail Price
Cherry Maple Bar Tops (12 ft total) (coffee bar) $400.00
Custom Made Black Curved Bar Tops (6 pcs approx 65 ft) Extremely Durable $4,500.00
Wooden Bar Stools (6 total) Cherry Hardwoods $570.00
Handcrafted Italian Mosiac Tile Table Tops and Base (2 total) $1,800.00
Café Style Chairs (15 total) Black frame with Oak stained seats $600.00
Beaded Sun/Moon Curtain (cool) $30.00
Fresh Coffee Bean Commercial See Thru Containers w/ Lids (total of 6) $600.00
Black Marble Oval Bar Top (4 ft) $425.00
Cabinet with Countertop $150.00
Glass Display Counters with Lights and storage underneath (2 total) $800.00
Stainless Steel 2 Door Short Cooler (Milk Cooler, etc) $1,200.00
Lapovonia 2 head Espresso Machine (meticulously maintained and cleaned weekly) $9,000.00
Unopened Bottles of flavoring (min of 15) $120.00
Flourescent Paint Board $40.00
Rectangular Chalk Boards (4 total for menus) $180.00
Commercial Coffee Machine with instant hot water spiget & makes 2 large urns of coffee $950.00
Commercial Coffee Grinders (2 - one missing its hopper but can be ordered online) $700.00
Steel Ground Coffee Tamper $45.00
Commercial Coffee Urns (keeps coffee hot for HOURS) (4 total - 2 still in boxes) $380.00
Stainless Steel Prep Table with Shelf Underneath 4' long and 44 high $150.00
Stainless Steel Triple Sink for use in small kitchen space $900.00
Cooler with Dual Set of Sliding Doors on both sides $700.00
Cooler with Single Set of Sliding Doors $500.00
Color Security System with Monitor / VHS with 3 Cameras (room for 1 more) $1,500.00
Black and White Security System with Monitor and 1 Camera $150.00
Commercial Ice Maker, High capacity, Bar height $1,200.00
Wooden Coffee Buffet with Cabinets, Doors, and Shelves $475.00
LCD TV Monitor with remote $1,200.00
XBOX TV with Remote (very nice pic) $650.00
Large TV Arm for above $99.00
Coffee Flavoring Shakers (6 total) and holder $35.00
Custom Made Light Covers (Made by Ignis Glass) (6 total) $1,140.00
Hi Def Panasonic 52" Projection TVs (2 total) $3,200.00
6 "Foofs" (2 larger and 4 slightly smaller - specialty seating) $700.00
Cobalt Flux Competition Metal DDR Pads (need to be cleaned) (1 total) $299.00
Cloth DDR Pads (2 working) $200.00
4 DVD/Game Box Holders, black wire frame $80.00
XBOX Games (50) $1,000.00 1250
Computer Games (at least 4000 keys and media) all variety $140,000.00
Gaming PCs (22 total) P4 2.4, 512 ram, 80 gig, 256meg nVidia 6800, Snd Blaster Live $46,200.00
12 IBM Black 21" Computer Monitors (G96 or 97) High Resolution/High Frequency $3,540.00
10 19" Black Flat Panel Monitors with speakers built in, High Speed, no ghosting $4,950.00
1X1 Ikea Like Cubbies (12 - 16 total) Lite oak color with translucent front $480.00
MidSize FireProof Safe (3'x2.5'x2.5) $550.00
Stereo Receivers (2 total) (800watt, Souround Sound, AV and HD) $850.00
Single Blue Lights (at Least 10) VALO $250.00
DVD Player with Hi Def and pregressive scan $79.00
Audio Rack for AV equipment $229.00
High Speed Thermal Printers (total of 2) SP-350 with Cash Drawer Option $360.00
Coffee Shop Accounting & Cash Register Software with Server ( $10,000.00
800 watt Multi input Stereo / AV with Powered SubWoofers $125.00
DVD Player w/hd def outputs $79.00
3 Panel, Back Lit Menu Board (8' x 2.5') $300.00
Commercial Microwave (1500 watts & Stainless Steel) $470.00
La Pavonia Water Softener $1,000.00
Water Level Alarm Sensor $40.00
Decorative "S" Signage - (Hangs from ceiling) $1,500.00
Stainless Steel Shelf Holders (Custom Made) $500.00
Black TV Stands (2 total) $170.00
PS2 and controllers (Total of 2) $300.00
XBOX and controllers (total of 3) $600.00
Gamecube and controllers (total of 2 - 1 nonworking) (wireless) $100.00
5 Port Switch Boxes (Total of 3) (RCA for consoles) $145.00
Black Shelf (holds consoles) $35.00
Zeus 64 Bit Computer / Server, Large HD and Ram) $1,250.00
Dragon Computer / Server, Large HD and Ram) $1,200.00
5 U Rack Mount Server (Monster Server) $1,000.00
Cisco Router 807U (with Wifi and firewall) $500.00
Gigabit Switches (Total of 4) (8 port) $400.00
Sysmax 24 Port Switches (Total of 2) $1,080.00
16 Port ProView KVM Switch with cables for 5 servers $450.00
Backlit Wax Board Sign (nice) $250.00
D-Link IP Camera and Stand w/built in webserver $200.00
Brother Printer/Fax/Copier with Network interface $495.00
Candy Cart - 5 Shelf, Chrome $200.00
Full Color, Wax Transfer, Badge printer, Blank Cards, Hole Punch $1,800.00
Plastic Drawer Tubs (Large Size Total of 8) stackable $400.00
Plastic Drawer Tubs (Medium Size Total of 4) $160.00
8 Small / 3 Large Desktop Organizer Boxes/Drawers $165.00
Metal Shelf Racks (Total of 2) $200.00
L Shaped Z-Line Glass Desks (total of 2) $358.00
Color Laser Minolta Magicolor 2200 Printer $850.00
Office Chairs (at least 22+) $1,650.00
Neon OPEN Signs (total of 2) $200.00
Black 80" Sun Shades (total of 2) $900.00
Large Round CYBERLAN Signs (Total of 2) $1,200.00
Small Round CYBERLAN Sign $200.00
CYBERLAN Federally Registered Trademarks (Total of 3) $10,000.00
Plug Strips (at least 15) $150.00
CyberLAN Bawls Sign (professionally framed Giant Poster $300.00
Tin Signs (Total of 10) (Classics) $200.00
Decorative Shelves (Set of 5) Black $200.00
Stainless Steel "Artwork" (Coffee Pattern) $50.00
Various Famous Musicians Photos (nice) $200.00
Lounge Table with storage (wire frame and Cherry) $79.00
3 Shelf Ikea like Half Round (total of 2) $50.00
Stainless Steel Coffee Shaped Hot Plates (total of 3) $30.00
Stainless Steel Frothing Pitchers & thermometers (total of 2) $90.00
Cake displays with lids (total of 3) stainless steel and acrylic $105.00
Various Sized Cookie Jars and storage jars $300.00
Kitchen Sink Sprayer 4' arm $250.00
Decorative Newspaper Rack - Steel / Antiqued $189.00
nVidia 4600 GT 128 meg Video Cards (total of 17) $1,875.00
Cardboard FUZE Bottles (2 marketing cutouts LARGE) $20.00
X10 Power remote & controller for Appliances $40.00
Muffin / Cookie Plastic Display (3 tier) with door $300.00
Executive Desks with credenza (Total of 2) Cherry $7,000.00
Secretary Executive Desk - Cherry and nice $2,500.00
Floral Wingback Chairs (total of 2) White Floral $500.00
Lawyers Cherry Bookcase $179.00
Cherry Grandfather clock like shelves and hidden spaces $495.00
Mini safe 1.5 x 1 x 9" $175.00
12 Half round PC tables with designer curved legs & keyboard trays (Black Onyx) $3,600.00
Optical Mice (total of 22+) Mostly Microsoft $550.00
Keyboards (total of 22+) $330.00
AMD Based Computers (total of 2) $1,900.00
InterTel Phone Switch with fax and 5 phones (expandable and very nice) $4,500.00
Half Metal rack shelves $50.00
Cherry Hutch for Executive Desks $300.00
Industrial filing Cabinets (total of 5) $1,000.00
Cherry Wooden Filing Cabinets (total of 3) $600.00
Black Lateral Filing Cabinet 4' x 4' x 1.5' $950.00
Crystal Springs Water Cooler with Hot and Cold Water $250.00
Dorm Size Refrigerator - Stainless Steel $200.00
CD/Stereo for Music On Hold $95.00
Toshiba Laptop (testbed) $950.00
5U Empty RackMount Cases (Total of 2) $200.00
Green Alienware Desktop Case $80.00
CyberLAN Stand Up Signs for TradeShows $1,200.00
CyberLAN Artwork (approx 8 gig - PRICELESS) $10,000.00
Cash Register Drawers and Shelfs (total of 2) $525.00
Wireless router (Linksys and Netgear) $80.00
Various Silverware (75 pieces) $200.00
4 TOTES of Misc Cables (Tons of Cables) $1,000.00
Espresso Machine Cleaner (12 Bottles) $120.00
11 Gamer Shirts (various) $110.00
TOTAL of ASSETS $326,553.00 (Original Retail) Looking for Offers!!!
If you'd to see what your facility could look like visit: and click around.
Why are we selling.... We loved the LAN, it was perhaps the best "job" we have ever worked. My Wife got cancer earlier in the year and the medical bills are not small, so in lieu of that... we have to sell all the above for a quick-sale price. It's truly a sweetheart deal. If you have any questions... email us. I can answer any questions you have and send pics or info if you need it.
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