Gaertner optical table


Subject: Gaertner optical table
Gaertner Optical Table with Air Isolation: An ultra precision table loaded with accessories. The table features 9 individual rails calibrated from 0 to 100 mm. The four mounting feet of this table are air isolated to provide greater accuracy and less interference from ambient vibration. We have not tested the air isolation system, but it appears to be complete. The dimensions of the table (with 3 inch border rails) is 47 x 29 inches. Weight as pictured with accessories 300 lbs.
(3) Mirrors with Magnetic bases and vertical adjustments. All magnetic bases can be mounted on rails in one of four different orientations 90 degrees apart. Mirrors also tilt.
(1) Mirror with magnetic base (similar to above), vertical adjustment and fine feeding cross slide adjustment. Mirror also tilts.
(1) Film Target with magnetic base (similar to above) with vertical adjustment.
(1) Anvil Stage which has a diameter of 3 inches, magnetic base, and is adjustable vertically.
(2) Magnetic base with some sort of optical iris. Iris can be manually actuate with plunger control and has an aperture adjustment.
(3) Non-magnetic target stands that probably don't belong with this unit but we're including them anyway.
(1) Sliding target base (61 MM) with (2) magnetic bases. Target platform is adjustable along length of rail.
Although not in Gaertner's current product line, further information may be available from Gaernter.(Inv.2462)
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