Fulton electric steam boiler fb-759-CDR600


Subject: Fulton electric steam boiler fb-759-CDR600
- Parkers Prairie Public Schools purchased and installed a 600KW Fulton electric low pressure steam boiler. The Fulton boiler was put into operation the fall 2000. The application of this boiler as a low pressure steam boiler is not dependable and reliable. The subject of water treatment is of too close tolerance for this boiler to be practical in the application of a school building setting. The Fulton boiler was removed from service in the middle of the 2002-2003 heating season.
DESCRIPTION: The Boiler # 86680, Model FB-759-LDR 600, Date 8/2000, 2100 lbs steam/hr., 699KW, 460 volt 3 phase, Fulton Boiler.
The School District is selling this boiler as a Hot water boiler. The purchaser will have to convert the low pressure steam controls to hot water controls.
Two new Electric heating element bundles are included with the boiler.
An electrical panel with disconnect switch is included with the Fulton Boiler (Boltswitch 900 AMP 277/480 volt). Also included is an American Midwest Power (AMP) electrical enclosure Type CT8-4L, File 00-24352, Enc. 3R, Date 06/13/00, Voltage 600, System 3-Phase 4W, Amps supply 800, Sect 800.
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