Fts / kinetics bio-cool bc-iii controlled cryo freezer


Subject: Fts / kinetics bio-cool bc-iii controlled cryo freezer
This listing is for an FTS / KINETIC controlled rate freezer.
The Bio-Cool® is the most reliable, safest, and easiest to use controlled rate freezer for cryopreservation of human and animal embryos and biological tissue and cell lines. The Bio-Cool is the only controlled rate freezer that does not require expendable liquid nitrogen (LN2) and the associated pumping, re-filling, and storing of a high-pressure liquid. The Bio-Cool, conversely, simply plugs into a standard electrical outlet and quietly provides low temperature cooling to either -40ºC or -80ºC.
Unlike LN2 systems which surround samples with a cold vapor phase, the Bio-Cool immerses samples into a well-circulated, cold liquid bath. The circulating liquid allows more efficient heat transfer to the samples and maintains a more consistent temperature profile at all locations.
The Bio-Cool also has an easy-to-use programmable microprocessor controller with the ability to program and store up to eight different protocols, each with up to eight distinct segments specifying ramp rate, hold temperature, and hold time.
The Bio-Cool is a mechanically refrigerated bath for the programmed cooling of biological specimens prior to storage or programmed thawing prior to use. A specimen chamber is programmed to respond to cooling or heating. The low-profile ergonomic design allows for easy bath access utilizing minimal bench space.
Below are a few features of the Bio-Cool:
* Methanol is the heat transfer media.
* Specimen chamber is 5 inches (12.5cm) in diameter and 6 inches (16.2cm) deep.
* Cooling rates can be set over a range of .1ºC/minute to the maximum allowable rate of the bath.
* Magnetic stirrer and vortex breaker allows for constant agitation of bath.
* Optional racks allow for the use of straws or ampules.
If you need any further specifications, please email me. I can fax or email the brochure and manual to you.
This is used, but in good condition. Powers up and work fine. Guranteed to be in proper, working order.
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