Frp chemical fume exhaust air scrubber beverly 5000 cfm


Subject: Frp chemical fume exhaust air scrubber beverly 5000 cfm
Complete Chemical Fume Exhaust Scrubber Beverly Pacific FRP with 5hp fan and frame.
We are currently estimating this unit to be about 5000 CFM as it is presently set up. It was used to scrub the fumes from a chemical room. It sat on the rough and thus looks a bit weathered on the outside but it was still in operation up to the time it was shut down. Since it was outside in a climate that freezes, it was freeze proofed.
This type of air scrubber draws contaminated air through a volume that contains media (open plastic devices of up to several inches in dimension with fingers for lots of surface area) that is sprayed with water. The contaminants (fumes) are washed out of the air as it passes through.
Overall length of this unit is about 16 feet.
The actual scrubber box part is about 65 by 94 by 72" tall
The inlet duct diameter is about 24"
The full ground to top height as the unit sits is about 150 inches.
The duct between the fan and the scrubber is 24" diameter also.
Additional similar items maybe listed separately or available on request.
Might be just what you need for your modest air scrubber application.
Condition looks good used functional a bit weathered. Probably needs a bit of maintenance when installed.
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