Front end loader telescopic boom for john deere,kubota


Subject: Front end loader telescopic boom for john deere,kubota
Brand New Telescopic Boom for Tractors & Skid Steer Loaders.
* Specifications are as follows;
* Boom has 5 positions with varying lifting capacities at each length:
* Position 1: 53", Lifting Capacity is 7,000lb's.
* Position 2: 61", Lifting Capacity is 5,000lb's.
* Position 3: 69", Lifting Capacity is 3,500lb's.
* Position 4: 77", Lifting Capacity is 2,500lb's.
* Position 5: 85", Lifting Capacity is 2,000lb's
* Weight of the Boom itself is 325lb's.
* Each Position has a Spring Loaded Latch.
* Bulkhead is made with 1/4" high tensile steel tubing.
* Clevis & Tie down Ring are included as shown.
* This Telescopic Boom makes a whole new machine our of your Loader! We use one ourselves for On & Off Loading non-palletized equipment and they work GREAT!...even for erecting Pax type Grain Bins!
* Gone are the days of lifting non-palletized loads with a chain & Bucket or strapping a chain to the bottom of your Pallet Fork or Bale Spear A-Frame...and of course, having the load swing back and hammer the front of your tractor!
Plus, we are glad to say these Telescopic Booms are Made in The USA!
* For more info, e-mail or call us at .