Friginox 242LB self contained roll-in blast chiller RR1


Subject: Friginox 242LB self contained roll-in blast chiller RR1
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Friginox 242lb Self Contained Roll-In Blast Chiller RR1 NSF Full Line of Friginox Products Available - Manufacturer: Friginox - Model: RR1
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
Friginox 242lb Self Contained Roll-In Blast Chiller RR1 NSF
Full Line of Friginox Products Available
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Friginox Self Contained Stainless Steel Roll-In Blast Chiller with Condensing Unit
This item has the following features and specifications:
* 304 stainless steel inside casing
* 304 stainless steel top, sides and doors
* Top and back panel in treated steel
* Injected polyurethane foam insulation, 3-1/8" thick, 0% CFC
* 3/4" thick insulated floor with access ramp and 304 stainless steel cladding
* Internal safety door release
* Scraper seal at bottom of door
* Stainless steel front framework with anti-condensing system
* Coved internal corners with 1/2" radius
* 1-1/4" wide magnetic door seals with anti-dirt, anti-impact rounded profile, and tool-free removal
* Smooth, sealed control panel
* Baseboards for floor adjustment
* Accomodates trollies 30" x 24" x 73" (WxDxH)
* Blast chilling capacity, RR1, RR1S: 242 lbs. from 145°F, to 50°F, to core within 1 hr. 50 mins.
* Blast freezing capacity SR1S: 242 lbs. from 145°F, to -0.4°F, to core within 4 hrs. 30 mins.
* A stainless steel probe with four temperature sensors monitors core temperature of product
* Frigiprobe electronically assists blast chilling and freezing of products accurately regardless of quantity, weight, or thickness
* Blast freezing or chilling is automatically stopped once core temperature is reached (-0.4°F to +40°F)
* Blast chilling mode can limit air temperature at the surface to 32°F to prevent surface icing.
* Blast chilling or freezing controlled with Timer Mode or Frigiprobe Mode
* Timer Mode remembers last time settings
* Temperature maintained after blast chilling or freezing
* Automatic control of de-icing cycle
* Audible signal at start and end of cycle with remote report feature
* Remote alarm signal (output 12 Vdc)
* Temporary self-repair of probes and quick diagnosis of anomalies
* Temperature display in °F or °C
* Alternating digital display of core temperature and cycle time elapsed
* Alternating digital display of internal temperature and cycle time remaining (Timer Mode)
* Lights indicating functions in progress
* Serial type RS 232 C port and parallel port, enabling unit to be connected to a PC, a data processing network or a printer.
* Built-in printer for recording temperature and duration of cycles
* Three 11-7/8" diameter fans mounted on a pivoting stainless steel panel for easy maintenance
* One evaporator with fitted thermostatic expansion valve Model with condensing unit: RR1
* Water-cooled condensing unit
* Drier and liquid indicator
* Defrosting with three 500 W, stainless steel heaters and fan
* Safety thermostat for defrosting heaters on evaporator
* Ventilation of premises if temperature is higher than 100°F, taking into account the unit's heat emission
* Keep away from sources of heat
* Electrical power supply must conform to regulation
* RR1 (with condensing unit)
* Voltage: 208-240 V / 60 / 1, with ground
* Minimum circuit ampacity: 20 A
* Condenser pressure: 29 psi min. 145 psi max.
* 3/8" supply and evacuation connection
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