Free 14IN target bricksaw w/16 segmented diamond blades


Subject: Free 14IN target bricksaw w/16 segmented diamond blades
With this package you purchase 16 of the Diamante Italia Brand Supreme Grade 14" Diamond Blades and receive a FREE TARGET M5405 Portasaw Brick saw! This saw sells for $1349.90 itself, so this is an amazing deal.
Things to know about the blades:
These 14" segmented blades are Made by Diamante Italia and are laser welded combination blades made for cutting brick, block or concrete on either a high speed saw or a brick saw. These blades feature a segment that is .125" thick and 1/2" tall, with more diamond than other 14" masonry blades - that's why this is our SUPREME! These are without a doubt the least expensive, highest quality blades you will find!
*Great for hand held or brick saws
Things to know about the Target M5405 14" Brick Saw:
The M5405 14" portable brick saw features an open-back design allowing for larger material to be cut - you can pull an 8x8x16" block right out the back of it! This 1 1/2 horsepower saw comes with a stand included!!! This is a heavy duty tool made for daily use by contractors.
* 14" Blade Guard - 5" Depth of Cut
* Patented Sta-Level Blade Guard
* Patented Quick Mount Cutting Head
* Field Installable Blade Shaft Assembly
* Removable Carrying Handles - Standard
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