Foss tecator fibertec 1020 & 1021 hot & cold extractor


Subject: Foss tecator fibertec 1020 & 1021 hot & cold extractor
* 1020 Hot Extractor - Part # 1000 1217
* 1021 Cold Extractor - Part # 1000 1212
* Power: 220/240V / 50/60Hz / 1000 Watt / 10 Amp
The following information has been taken from the "M6" datasheet. But my listing is for the older "System M". So the specs may vary slightly.
For fibre determinations according to Weende, van Soest, etc. including boiling, using externally preheated reagents, rinsing and filtration under reproducible and controlled conditions comprising:
Fibertec? 1020 Hot Extraction Unit
6 place Hot Extractor, for hydrolysis and extraction with built-in systems for heating and filtration minimizing contact with reagents.
Fibertec? 1021 Cold Extraction Unit
6 place Cold Extractor, for defatting, extraction at ambient temperature; e.g. lignin determination; and for dehydration of fibre residues.
More information on the M6 system is located at
This used, but fair condition. You will be recieving the exact items pictured. Since I could not find full specifications and user's manuals on this item, I cannot test and guarantee it. It powers up, but no further testing was done. This is being sold AS-IS. All sales are final.
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