Forma scientific steri-cult hepa filtered 200 incubator


Subject: Forma scientific steri-cult hepa filtered 200 incubator
This listing is for a Forma Scientific Steri-Cult Hepa Filtered IR 200 Incubator.
* Inner Dims 18" Wide x 20" Depth x 31" High
* Outer Dims 32-1/2" Wide x 27" Depth x 43" High
The Forma 3860 CO2 incubator is a HEPA filtered IR incubator that is microprocessor controlled and features the following: 1) Infrared CO2 sensor. Maintains a consistent CO2 level independent of temperature and humidity. Readability: 0.1% 2) optimum airflow that minimizes contamination and desiccation of cultures 3) sensors, blower and water bottle are all located outside the chamber to minimize incidence of hidden contamination. Temperature control (+/- 0.1C at 37C). Range: +4C above ambient to 45C. Readability: 0.1C
This is used, but in excellent condition.
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