Forklift toyota lpg GR8COND omaha ne


Subject: Forklift toyota lpg GR8COND omaha ne
Nice small forklift with few hours on rebuild.
I bought this lift from a local lift service firm in 2003. It had been refurbed at that time. We ran it once or twice a month since for 2-3 skids at a time. Our facility is a small 2000 sq/ft warehouse on flat smooth concrete. The hours have gained less than 100 since. It's due for an oil change but otherwise ready to go to work. Doesn't leak anything or start hard. We covered the ROPS with shrink wrap to keep out the sun and rain. The tires are hard "cushion" type & are in good condition with some chunks missing as our lot is rough. Engine uses no oil and has no leaks. Very clean and tidy. Transmission is clean & is an auto with forward, reverse and neutral. This is a late 70s/early 80s lift. Starter is locked out in gear or with e-brake on. Hydro drive will carry any load it can pick up. Hard tires are suitable for smooth to mildly uneven pavement. Forks are approx 30in to prevent over-balance of counterweight. Raised height is approx 6 1/2 ft. Tilt ram has a slight internal leak that allows the tower to tilt forward (lose pressure) if left up but takes several hours to do so. Ram & tilt work perfect otherwise. Seat has a few cracks but is good for dozens of hours. Hour meter reads 13958 which is total hours from new. As full rebuilds are normally done at 10,000 hrs it it safe to assume this unit has 6-7000 hours left before major teardown. Brake system is in great shape. The antifreeze is good and no overheating or other damage has occured. First rate LP fuel used throughout to prevent regulator problems. LP system leak and problem free.
I paid $6700 3 years ago and have put very few hours on it. No-one else has used or abused it. I have owned and personally serviced several lifts in 28 years of warehousing and this is a good clean unit. It's mechanicala are in very good to near new condition and need nothing to keep it running for quite some time. Excellent for small low volume warehouse or retail outlet that needs the power of a lift but small size and simplicity. Sized for low ceilings and narrow doorways. Lots more pics to your email.
Please email for an appointment for you or your mechanic. Lift is in Omaha Ne area, zip 68102 or 68137 (Millard).
Send your Email for better pic.