Fluidized air booster thermal desorption soil


Subject: Fluidized air booster thermal desorption soil
Gas flow and pressure within the thermal desorption process is maintained with a motor driven rotary lobe positive displacement gas compressor with belt drive. With each revolution, the compressor delivers a specific volume of gas based upon the entering gas conditions, operating speed, and back pressure. The booster is running with 2286 RPM. Assuming an inlet temperature of 40° F, an inlet pressure of -18" W.C. and an outlet pressure of 66" W.C., the blower delivers approximately 700 SCFM. The compressor suction piping includes two high surface filters. Each is fitted with isolation valves arranged for cleaning or replacing the element during operation, and a suction pressure switch to protect the compressor should an elevated vacuum occur, de-energizing the drive motor. The compressor discharge includes a silencer for noise reduction and a branch pipe with pressure relief regulator for a relief of excess gas pressure to the suction as back pressure changes.
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