Flight simulator amusement ride business


Subject: Flight simulator amusement ride business
The SX Simulator is a virtual reality flight simulator with full 360-degree movement. Banks, turns, and full rolls are experienced as the crew rides one of the seven different flight scenarios. The full flight motion is seen from the outside, drawing attention and holding the interest of those waiting in line. A monitor is linked to the ride so those waiting can see the scenario of the flight crew and allow them to choose the ride they most desire.
The SX can pass through any standard double doors for installation. Once the safety fence is installed the space needed equals 12’X20’. The electrical needs are 2 110-volt 15amp dedicated lines.
The simulators, through sight, sound, and movement are certain to create a memorable experience for any event. So if you know of a corporate event, Air Show, company picnic, trade show, school function, church festival, birthday party, Mall, or Family Entertainment Center that is interested in the newest, most captivating entertainment available, this business will allow you to make money.
Each Simulator comes with it's own perimeter fence, steps, base cowlings, and deluxe skirts. Ride programs include P-51 Mustang, Jet Interceptor, Canyon Rider, Survival 2002, Mission Lifeforce, Mission Lifeforce Jr., and Bottlenose. These rides have 360 degrees of motion!
The rides can easily be installed in a mall, family entertainment Center or different location, it takes about two hours to load the ride for transportation with two people. The business can easily be relocated to anywhere!!!
This has been a very FUN, SIMPLE, AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS!!! I have received many compliments about the operation, appearance, and safety elements of this business from mall managers and the like. This is an excellent opportunity for someone to see what CASH PROFIT is all about. We are selling the equipment at used equipment prices so you aren’t paying for goodwill.
All of the equipment listed is in good working order, nothing broken or ruined. All normal wear is present, everything appears PROFESSIONAL AND WELL-MAINTAINED.
Ø Two-seat capacity with four-point restraint system.
Ø Ride abort button for each rider.
Ø Smoke detector inside cabin.
Ø Interior padded and acoustically lined.
Ø 1,200 lumens rear projection.
Ø Laser disk audio and video.
Ø All electronic movement, very quiet and accurate.
Ø Runs on 110v 20amp circuitry.
Ø Heavy-duty Swivel casters allow for easy movement of machine.
Ø Touch-screen ride commands.
Lastly the revenue numbers, if you take the numbers below and only do 25% capacity you will make your money back in the first few months. What business allows you to make over 100% return in the first year?
Information below is based on:One Flight Simulator
* Machine Capacity: 2 People