Flexset rapid concrete repair - lot of (36) 5-gal kits


Subject: Flexset rapid concrete repair - lot of (36) 5-gal kits
with No Material Extraction needed.
FlexSet is used to repair concrete potholes, narrow or wide cracks, spalls, break-out, joint openings, pitted and damaged floors, and slabs.
FlexSet is absolutely unaffected by temperature, either softening or frost/thaw.
Durable Repairs That Will Outlast The Surrounding Pavement!
· Simple one hour application eliminates dig-outs and multiple days construction. This substantially reduces labor expense, inconvenience, and potential construction liability.
· Simple application procedures allow non-paving professionals to provide surface equal to or better than the surrounding pavement.
· Application can be done with simple tools, eliminating the need for dig-out tools, concrete delivery and heavy machinery.
· Provides smooth high traction surface
· Rapid cure time till usable by traffic
· Seals and waterproofs - unaffected by water, fuel or oil
· Increases safety and minimizes traffic delays
· Durable, long lasting repair restores without dig-out
· Unaffected by temperature, either softening or frost/thaw
· Repairs precisely to grade without shrinkage or compaction
Driveways, Sidewalks, and Parking Lots
Maintenance Covers, Drains, Steel Posts
Repairs can be completed in a matter of minutes, using only 4 simple steps.
(all components are included in each 5-gallon kit)
STEP 1 PREP: The area is prepped by simply sweeping (or using a leaf blower or compressed air) to remove loose dirt and debris. Angular aggregate is added for deep pothole repair.
STEP 2 MIX: Mix A, then B polymer components with specially formulated, coated aggregate
STEP 3 POUR: Mixed product in the form of a pourable slurry is laid down in a matter of seconds and its thermal viscous reaction is already working. Use of tape/paper is optional if you desire to "shape" your final repair.
STEP 4 TOPPING: Included Topping sand is applied to enhance traction and aesthetics.
Ready for Traffic! In about an hour the area is open to traffic and fully restored with no chance of any tripping hazards and costly lawsuits. When complete, the repair blends with the surrounding pavement.
Originally developed for NATO/USAF as a rapid runway repair material, FLEXSET® (and FLOMIX®, a rapid asphalt-repair material) have become an inexpensive alternative to traditional concrete repair and restoration procedures. This innovative, patent-pending process provides a modern solution for an age-old problem. FLEXSET® repairs are guaranteed to outlast the pre-existing surface.
Department of Transportation Approved By Material Labs and Maintenance Departments For Our U.S. Airports, Highways, Bridges and Roads. FLEXSET® Provides A Long Term Load Bearing Rapid Repair Solution For Your Concrete Restoration Needs.
A rapid concrete repair supplied in five gallon kits for reconstruction of deteriorated or damaged concrete with NO CONCRETE REMOVAL . Suitable for narrow or wide cracks, break-out repair, and pot-holes. Repairs support load, restore aggregate interlock, improve ride, and blend in visually with surrounding pavement.
* Creates durable, long-lasting repairs
* Provides smooth, high-traction surface
* Repairs precisely to-grade
* Unaffected by water, fuel or oil; unaffected by hot or cold temperatures
* Easily repairs wide and narrow cracks, potholes, breaks, and damaged areas
* Ready for traffic in an hour with minimal preparation required
1 lot of (36) 5-Gallon Kits ~ 2016 lbs
Pallet Dimensions: 36"x36"x52"
Need a different quantity? Single kit, multiple kits, partial or full palette, and multiple palette quantities are also available - Check out my other items!
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