Fist defensive tactics training police instructor suit


Subject: Fist defensive tactics training police instructor suit
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"The FIST #333 Police Training Suit is the most comprehensive Defensive Tactics suit ever devised. Its most outstanding characteristic is that it is capable of receiving blows from real weapons (PR-24, Asp, etc.) at full power without endangering the trainer. This allows the officers in training to become accustomed to their street weapons on a human target. It also gives the trainee the sense of timing, speed and weight that accompanies a real weapon. This can be very important in preventing injuries to both police officers and citizens.
The #333 is also extremely mobile. For this amount of protection, It affords as much or more mobility than any other product on the market. With this mobility, the training officers can portray a more realistic scenario. This is also why the #333 is being used more and more in cell extractions.
The Fist #333 Police Training Suit is also very unique among all other training suits in that you are able to adapt it to your particular training regimen by using optional items that either attach with velcro or tie onto the suit. For example, if you intend to do heavy punches or kicks to chest area, the chest adapter can be attached and the protection is doubled without any loss of mobility. There are optional add-ons for all major striking areas.
Another innovation built into the #333 that makes it unique in the industry is the sectional ties that allow the suit to hang and be put on and taken off in one piece. Changing a one-piece suit can save time opposed to suits made in separate sections that must be placed and strapped individually.
When you invest in a Fist #333, you give yourself the opportunity to train your officers with the safest and most versatile training suit available.
The basic #333 consists of chest and back, shoulder biceps, forearms, groin and butt, thighs, shins, helmet, and carry bag. The weight of the basic suit is approximately 15 lbs."
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