Fisher semiautomatic model 21 tensiomat tensiometer


Subject: Fisher semiautomatic model 21 tensiomat tensiometer
Fisher Semiautomatic Model 21 Tensiomat Tensiometer
Improved accuracy, direct readings
* Semiautomatic Tensiomat performs ASTM D 971-99a (oil-water interfacial tension procedures) and D 1331-89 (methods for measuring surface and interfacial tension of detergents)
* Employs du Noüy ring method for direct results with no calculations
* Accuracy equals data from capillary-height or drop-weight measurements to within ±0.25%
* Measures force necessary to separate platinum-iridium ring from liquid, read directly to ±0.25 dynes/cm
* For comparative studies, data is easily convertible to absolute values using graph in supplied instructions
Reproducible semiautomatomatic operation
* Reversible, synchronous motor raises and lowers test ring and sample table
* Two-way switch selects travel direction for ring and pilot light
* Provides movement at a uniform rate, eliminating premature ring breakaway from liquid and preventing false tension readings
* Error from manual adjustment of sample level can be avoided by first running test with motor off to determine sample position when ring breaks free, then allowing table to remain fixed at that position for actual tests
* For 115V 50/60Hz, 0.2A ,CSA approved