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Subject: Fischer autotank x-ray film processor - xray
Note: This Is The Variable Speed Version Of This Processor. A Fixed Speed Version Is Available For $100.00 Less!
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Up for sale is a factory new Fischer Industries, Inc. Futura AutoTank™ automatic x-ray film processor with acrylic rollers.
This processor carries a full 1 year "bumper to bumper" parts warranty, a 3 year electrical components warranty, AND BEST OF ALL, a 10 year warranty on the acrylic rollers. I can’t stress enough the importance of the 10 year acrylic roller warranty because the transport mechanism in a film processor is where all the action is, and this warranty package insures you can count on many years of great performance.
It must be understood that the limiting factor related to film volume is not the physical construction of the processor, but rather the 4 minute processing time. The physical construction of the AutoTank™ will stand up to significantly more than 5 films per day. In other words, the limiting factor is the patience of the user. If the 4 minute processing time does not bother you, then this processor could easily be used by somewhat higher volume users. Just to be clear, consider this in your thought process. If you were to run 25 films a day through the AutoTank™, it would take approximately 100 minutes (1.6 hours) to do so. If you find this an acceptable trade off in order to take advantage of the very attractive pricing and unique features of the AutoTank™, then users who develop more than 5 films per day on average can feel free to use this processor. All we ask is that you don’t return the processor under the 90 day no risk satisfaction guarantee because it took "too long" to run your films through it.
For those users who desire more control over their film processing, please consider the following. The AutoTank™ has an adjustable dial on the front of the processor that allows instant adjustment of the processing speed from completely stopping the film within the processing tanks to approximately a 90 second leading edge processing cycle. Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t just crank up the speed and expect the AutoTank™ to perform like any other 90 second processor . . . the films will likely appear less exposed than you would expect. This is due to the lack of a developer heater. Developer temperature greatly effects film density, and most 90 second processors maintain a developer temperature of around 94 degrees F. The AutoTank’s developer temperature will be the same as the ambient temperature of the room it is housed in.
For those who require a developer heater however, a "drop in" user controlled unit is available for the AutoTank™. Adding the variable temperature developer heater option to the existing variable processing speed control will provide the end user with tremendous developing flexibility and leeway at the turn of a dial. Special interest users, like artistic radiographers for example, will find this combination very beneficial.
I must stress that if a true high speed processor is what you really need, please consider the Fischer Futura 3000™, or Futura 4000™ series processors instead. They don’t offer the same user interfaces as the AutoTank™, and they are a bit more expensive, but they represent the true high speed/high volume units.
Another great feature of this processor is the lack of plumbing requirements. No external plumbing is required!
The AutoTank™ film processor is Fischer's revolutionary heatless automatic film processor and is ideal for practices with very low film usage, averaging five films per day or less.
Smallest processor (24" x 26") available today.
Deep chemical tanks for fresher chemistry longer.
Front feed and front return with light-tight cover for immediate dark room exit.
4 minute processing (leading edge in to leading edge out).
Variable speed control to prolong chemistry changes.
No heat required, so no warm up time. Just turn on the power switch and you are ready to develop your film.
Chemistry saving design with no automatic replenishment.
Energy saving design. The processor is only "ON" when processing x-ray films.
Conserves water. No water ($$$) continuously running down the drain.
3 year electrical components warranty.
10 year acrylic roller warranty.
The AutoTank™ fits neatly into the smallest darkrooms.
Installation and operating manual.
Basic or Deluxe Processor Stand.
220V, 50Hz or 60Hz. (For Export Only)
Thru-the-wall modification.
The AutoTank™ is the simplest automatic film processor available today. At a room ambient temperature of 70-80 degrees F, the AutoTank™ will develop and deliver a dry film in 4 minutes.
What makes the AutoTank™ so simple and unique?
The AutoTank™ uses no heat in the development and drying process. Since there is no heat, the AutoTank™ uses ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL BOARDS of any kind. There are also no pumps, heaters, or feed switches. It is an automated hand tank that uses automatic film processor chemistry.
If there is no heat and no pumps, how does the AutoTank™ develop and dry film?
The AutoTank's slower process time of 4 minutes in a deep tank processor eliminates the need for developer or dryer heat. The film remains in the developer long enough at 70-80 degrees F to properly process the film. The film slowly travels through a long dryer section and is blown dry by forced air. The AutoTank™ must be manually filled since there are no replenishment pumps. However, the AutoTank™ uses very little chemistry, and there should normally be no need for replenishment between chemistry drainings and fillings. Fischer has found that the lack of circulating pumps is an advantage in the AutoTank™ with deep chemical tanks. Specifically, contaminants like spent emulsion will drop to the bottom of the developer tank, away from the rack and rollers where they can compromise film quality.
What are the advantages to the AutoTank™?
The AutoTank™ stays OFF, conserving energy, until you want to run a film.
The AutoTank™ can be turned ON and film immediately developed. No warm-up time!
The AutoTank™ uses very little chemistry. Even including scheduled drainings and cleanings, expect no more than 5 gallons a month.
The AutoTank™ uses standard automatic processor chemistry and x-ray film.
The AutoTank™ is a variable speed processor, adjustable to its surroundings. For example, in a warm environment, the AutoTank™ can be adjusted for a processing time faster than 4 minutes. The AutoTank™ can also be slowed down in excess of 4 minutes in an effort to extend the developing life of depleted chemistry.
The only electrical parts in the AutoTank™ are the drive motor, the drive motor control, the dryer blowers, and a fuse.
There are options that can be added to the AutoTank™ for the convenience of the user.
The AutoTank™ is inexpensive to purchase, economical to use, and comes with a 3 year warranty on all electrical parts other than the wiring and the fuse.
Like other Fischer processors, the AutoTank™ features the smallest processor footprint on the market (24" X 26").
How do I service the AutoTank™?
We recommend a simple drain and fill every 2-3 weeks, and a full cleaning every 4-6 weeks, just like the conventional processors.
The AutoTank™ should be purchased by private practices that develop 5 films per day or less on average. Please read the full detail above for a better understanding of the 5 film recommendation.
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