Firetruck, fire engine, rare 1929 american la france


Subject: Firetruck, fire engine, rare 1929 american la france
This is a rare 1929 American La France Firetruck. I do not know the exact year. Please notice the metal wheel rims. Before the metal rims were the wooden spoked rims. This should help in dating this firetruck. This firetruck was found in a barn in Arkanasas over 10 years ago. It was moved to a covered area. The motor was once operating 5 years ago then sat. It was supposed to be restored but never got around to-it. It seems everything is there. It has a siren, but I do not know if it had a bell. The steering wheel is broken. The firetruck does not run, it will need to be towed. Remember, this firetruck is around 11,000 lbs. you will need a triple axil trailer. This firetruck was going to be parted out to the fire museum, but decided to keep it whole. Therefore, we will not part it out. There is no rust, because it has been stored in a barn its whole life, except for the last 10 years. This firetruck is located 1 1/2 south of Little Rock, Ark. in Pottsville. If you have any quesitons, please contact us. Dale wk (My brother lives in Ark, I live in CA)