Firepower thermal arc i 85 tsw ac/dc tig welder welding


Subject: Firepower thermal arc i 85 tsw ac/dc tig welder welding
TSW AC/DC TIG Welder - FP185T Welding Package
The Pro-Wave 185 TSW series is an AC/DC TIG power supply offering the highest value and performance in a TIG welding power source. All functions and controls are easily set through robust, easy to use push button switches on the front panel. Each function is marked by a symbol and lighted LED that clearly marks which function is being adjusted. The 185 TSW includes a digital Amp / Volt Meter, Gas Solenoid Valve, remote control capabilities, VED ( Voltage Reduction Device ) circuit, Current Pulsing and Sloping with Repeat Function as standard features.
The design of the 185 TSW offers both AC/DC TIG welding and handles just about any job with the full range capability from 185 amps down to 5 amps. The 185 TSW yields welds with superior purity and exceptionally clean appearance, as well as x-ray quality welds on all metals. Precise wave shaping allows the operator to control the cleaning, penetration, and heat input of any aluminum application.
• Smart Logic - Eliminates damage if the machine is accidentally installed to the improper voltage.
• Push Button Control Panel - Easy access to all functions and controls.
• True Square Wave AC Output - Provides AC TIG wave-shaping to control weld bead.
• Pulse Mode - Fully adjustable pulse parameters for precise control of weld shape.
• TIG Mode - Control over the the start and weld crater, repeatable weld cycle, as well as spot mode.
• Remote Receptacle - Allows remote devices to be connected for controlling amperage and output contactor.
• Warning Code Circuitry - Alerts operator of power supply abnormalities.
• VRD Inside - VRD ( Voltage Reduction Device ) reduces the OCV when the power supply is not in use, eliminates the need for add on voltage reducers, and has no effect on arc starting.
• High Frequency Start TIG (HF TIG).
Rated output: 185 AMPS / 17V at 30% Duty Cycle, 160 AMPS / 26V at 40% duty cycle.
Dimensions 14.2" x 7.1" x 16.5"; 41.8 Pounds (power source only)
Power Requirement: 208-230V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
FP185T welding package includes the 185TSW welding power supply, power cord and plug, 12.5' air cooled torch with accessory kit, work grounding clamp with 10' cable, stick electrode holder, argon regultator, gas hose, and remote foot control.
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