Fiesta solar outdoor pavillion clubhouse tent 40' x 45'


Subject: Fiesta solar outdoor pavillion clubhouse tent 40' x 45'
FIESTA Solar Outdoor Pavillion Clubhouse Tent 40' x 45'
For your consideration is a magnificent 40 feet X 45 feet Solar System Clearspan Outdoor Pavillion (Clubhouse/Party) Tent, by FIESTA, MODEL #40.
This aluminum framed structure with enduring vinyl sides and roof is owned by a local athletic club and golf course that is re-vamping their grounds and no longer has a need for this sizeable outdoor public enclosure.
This top-of-the-line outdoor tent will seat 150 comfortable guests and is ideal for hotels, private clubs, restaurants, golf clubs, country clubs, and other outdoor concessions.
Engineered by the most advanced aluminum extrusion box frame technology, Solar System Clearspans deliver maximum strength and are virtually weatherproof.
Solar System Clearspans can be expanded or reduced for different functions. They can also be installed, dismantled and stored in less than one day.
* Sturdy rectangular extruded anodized aluminum frame
* Galvanized steel connectors and base plates
* Laminated or coated 15 oz. blackout vinyl tops
* Laminated or coated 15 oz. vinyl side walls
* Unique sliding wall system
* No nuts or bolts required for frame assembly
* Expansion capacity in length & width
* Side Height: (10 feet, 6 inches)
* Width Inside Base Plate (40 feet)
* Width Outside Base Plate (41 feet, 4 inches)
* Additional Bays 15 feet center-to-center
* Model 40 Base Structure Size (40 feet x 15 feet) This unit utilizes (3) extension modules
* French White Window Walls (optional feature)
* Withstands winds up to 65 mph
* N.B. Load Weight from original service order: 5,000 pounds
Unit includes all necessary materials and internal wiring. Several drop ceiling fans are included.
Unit must be assembled on concrete slab. Please make certain that you have sufficient concrete area to support this structure.
For additional information, please see the FIESTA website at the following link:
This unit was purchased in December of 2000. It is in VG condition with no major damage or defects. New units of comparable size will run you upwards of $25,000.00.
Structure was in the teardown/storage phase when our photos were taken in late October. Main gallery photo is of actual pavillion used on a promotional flyer for the golf course/athletic club.
Here is an opportunity to obtain a high quality outdoor tent structure at a reasonable price. Please contact us with further inquiries.