Fiber trailer


Subject: Fiber trailer
Built out of 1/4 inch steel tubing and frame dimensions are 6" X 4" tubing Will carry an 8' reel with no problem. Electric over Hydraulic pump for easy loading. This trailer weighs about 3200 pounds with a tung weight of about 350 pounds. Each Axel has a load bearing weight of 6000 pounds. With 12 ply tires and 16" wheels hauling is an ease. Safety pins are in place for reel bar, plus slide down rods for safety. Each trailer is equipped with electric breaks and break a way. Added to the trailers and is not in the pictures is a cover for the Hydraulics.
We have been constructing these trailers for 7 years. With each trailer comes a 5 Year Warranty on pump and cylinders. Also 5 Year warranty on chassis.