Fiber optic polisher - apc 9000


Subject: Fiber optic polisher - apc 9000
Fiber Systems, Inc. (PCI, Senko) APC 9000 Fiber Optic Polishing System
You are viewing a factory refurbished APC-9000
The APC-9000 features a self contained pressure system that constantly monitors and adjusts the pressure while polishing. This system will consistently meet and exceed industry standard polishing requirements. The APC-9000's expanded software capabilities and safety features make it easy and safe to use. It features a step-by-step automated guidance system, digital display indicating operating conditions, and emergency stop button. The software stores up to 35 recipes, with 10 polishing steps per recipe.
Like previous models, the APC-9000 features a dual concentric drive motion for multi-axis polishing, with a wider range of speeds for greater control over the polishing cycle and throughput. Polishing can be done at higher speeds without compromising quality.
Fixtures for the APC 9000 hold between 3 and 36 connectors or ferrules depending on connector type. Fixtures from previous models may be adjusted for full compatibility with the APC 9000.
* High production polishing of industry standard fiber optic connectors and ferrules
* polishing of glass capillaries and fiber stubs
* Precise fixture-to-platen mechanism
* 10 programmable steps per recipe
* Step-by-step guidance system
This machine includes one fixture of your choice - either SC, ST, or FC. Contact me for additional fixture pricing and availability.
Note: Plexiglass water shield is not included
Please contact Mike at or with any questions.
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