Ferguson 2707-s pick-o-matic parts handler cam swing


Subject: Ferguson 2707-s pick-o-matic parts handler cam swing
1. R20/30 double reduction Cone reducer with motor flange and
2. 1.0 HP, 1800 RPM, 90V DC Motor, TEFC
3. Cycletrol 150-I Electronic motor controller
4. Overload protection – both axes – built in
5. Special fabricated aluminum arm, mounted - 21.0” long
6. Handknob for manual actuation
7. Standard limit switch and air valve arrangement, mounted
1. Capacity : 27# Total: arms, grippers, tooling and parts @ 18.0” radius
2. Cycle Time: 3.0 Seconds O/A
Note: Capacity is a function of Cycle Time and Load Radius. For example, an increase in Cycle Time to 6.0 Seconds will result in a corresponding increase in maximum payload capacity. Refer to the Maximum Load Capacity chart on the attached specification sheets.
This unit was in daily production up until mid-December, 2005. The parts handlers have been cleaned, repainted and upgraded with replacement boot/bellows.
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