Fellows 10-2 high production gear shaper (2 available)


Subject: Fellows 10-2 high production gear shaper (2 available)
Three Cut Cycle. Capacity for Cutting Internal, External Spur, External Spur or Helical Gears, Shape and Many Non-Involute Shapes. Built In Crowning. Variable Speed Infeed For Better Finish and Extended Cutter Tool Life. 14" Diameter T-Slotted Plate. Cuts and Infeed Rates are set by Potentiometers. Automatic Fixture Clamping. Automatic Work Positioning. Automatic Cutter Positioning. Hydrostatic Thrust Plates. Hydraulic Servo Controlled Infinitely Variable Depth Feed and Fast Traverse for Work Slide. Digital Display for Setting Stroking speed for Rough and Finish Cuts. Counter For Work Spindle Rotation.
External Pitch Diameter (Max) 10"
Internatl Pitch Diameter (Max) 10"
Diameteral Pitch, Spur Gears 4 DP
Diameteral Pitch, Helical Gears 5 DP
Face Width, External (Max) 2"
Face Width, Internal (Max) 2"
Helix Angle Degree (With Std. Guides) 45 Deg.
Bore Through Work Spindle 3.5"
Work Spindle Surface To Underside of Spindle 10-15/64"
Spindle Diameter 3.543"
Fixture OD Maximum 19"
(3) Cutter Speeds 350-650 SPM
Approximate Overall Dimensions 119"x50"x97"H
Approximate Weight 11,000 Lbs