Farmi JL601 skidding winch, logging winch


Subject: Farmi JL601 skidding winch, logging winch
Brand New Farmi JL601 Logging, Skidding Winch with Dozer Blade.
Though all Farmi Winches are Heavy Duty, The JL601 is an EXTREME DUTY LOGGING WINCH!!!
* Recommended Tractor size is 60HP to 150HP.
* Suitable for Tractors with Cat 1 or 2, 3 Point Hitches.
* The Winch & Drum Lock are Rope Controlled.
* Rope Controls allows Operator to stand in a Safe Position, away from the Cable & Logs.
* Swivel Pulley on Top of the Winch allows the Operator to move into the best position for Safety and Visibility while Operating the Rope Control.
* The Swivel Pulley also enables the Operation of the Rope Control from the seat of the Tractor for Load Release.
* Skidding Winch comes Complete and Ready to Use including:
* Dozer Blade (which can be used for a Butt Plate for Logs, Snow Blade, etc).
* 3 Keyhole Sliders on the Cable.
* Clutch is covered by a 5 Year Warranty!
* Clutch Plates are 3/8" Thick and secured with 12 Rivets.
* Plus, the Model 601 has an adjustable Lower Snatchblock and 2 Tool Pockets.
Specifications are as follows;
* Pulling Capacity is 13200lb's.
* Drum Capacity is 430' of 3/8" Cable.
* Winching Speed is 2-1/2' to 5' per second!
* Clutch is Mechanical Friction Plate with Heat Sink.
* Availability can vary from 2 Days to 3 Weeks.