Farmi JL501 skidding winch, logging winch


Subject: Farmi JL501 skidding winch, logging winch
Brand New Farmi JL501 Logging, Skidding Winch with Dozer Blade.
* Recommended Tractor size is 40HP to 60HP.
* Suitable for Tractors with Cat 1 or 2, 3 Point Hitches.
* The Winch & Drum Lock are Rope Controlled.
* Rope Controls allows Operator to stand in a Safe Position, away from the Cable & Logs.
* Swivel Pulley on Top of the Winch allows the Operator to move into the best position for Safety and Visibility while Operating the Rope Control.
* The Swivel Pulley also enables the Operation of the Rope Control from the seat of the Tractor for Load Release.
* Skidding Winch comes Complete and Ready to Use including:
* Dozer Blade (which can be used for a Butt Plate for Logs, Snow Blade, etc).
* 3 Keyhole Sliders on the Cable.
* Clutch is covered by a 5 Year Warranty!
* Clutch Plates are 3/8" Thick and secured with 12 Rivets.
* Plus, the Model 501 has an adjustable Lower Snatchblock and 2 Tool Pockets.
Specifications are as follows;
* Pulling Capacity is 11025lb's.
* Drum Capacity is 265' of 3/8" Cable.
* Winching Speed is 1' to 5' per second!
* Clutch is Mechanical Friction Plate with Heat Sink.
* Availability can vary from 2 Days to 2 Weeks.