Fagor glass washer/glasswasher-30 racks per hour


Subject: Fagor glass washer/glasswasher-30 racks per hour
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Fagor Glass Washer/Glasswasher-30 Racks Per Hour. Model: LVC-21W
* Heavy duty stainless steel construction, Type 304
* Built-in electric booster heater (40deg f rise)
* Built-in rinse aid dispenser
* Standard 16” x 16” racks
* Fully automatic wash and rinse cycle with correct temperature indicators for consistent cleaning
* Removable electrical panel on front for easy access to controls
Water Consumption / Requirements
Gallons per hr. (Max. use) 14.3 gal. / 54.1 litre
Gallons per cycles .65 gal. / 2.4 litre
Inlet temperature (Optimum) 140ºF / 60ºC
Flow rinse pressure 15 – 25 PSI
Electric wash tank heater 2 kw
Electric booster heater 2.8 kw