Eyecom printmaster 10,000 plain paper microfiche reader


Subject: Eyecom printmaster 10,000 plain paper microfiche reader
The PrintMaster 10,000 can read and print both negative and positive film with a simple cartridge change.
Large 11-3/4" x 11-3/4" screen is ideal for Source and COM images.
In addition to the convenience of bimodal operation in a single unit, the PM 10,000 also provides the option of high speed motorized control for 16mm rollfilm. Advance or rewind film at the rate of 5 ft. per second simply by turning the transport control knob.
The PM 10,000 warms up in only 25 seconds and delivers 8 copies per minute. The large, 250-sheet paper cassette minimizes the need for frequent and time-consuming refills.
Optional zoom lenses, image rotation, border erasure unit, automatic exposure, line trimming unit, motorized control for 16mm rollfilm and manual rollfilm control for 35mm/16mm are also available.