Exfo iq-2100 fp laser light source 1550 nm


Subject: Exfo iq-2100 fp laser light source 1550 nm
Exfo IQ-2100 (IQ-2103ORL-89) Temperature Controlled Laser Module
with 0 dBm Output at 1550 nm, FC/UPC Connector
The IQ-2103ORL-89 Light Source Module is compatible with both the IQS-500 system and the older IQ-203 Optical Test System. See our other listings for additional modules that are all compatible with the IQS-500 system: IQ-1600 Four Channel Power Meter, and IQ-3200 Return Loss Meter. Includes original manual for IQ-2100 series, typical spectrum at 1 dBm, Declaration of Conformity, and Certificate of Compliance. The IQ-2103ORL-89 Light Source Module has and FC/UPC connector, and is configured for optical return loss measurements.
* Excellent power stability (± 0.03dB to 0.05dB over 8 hours)
* Variable output power up to 10dB
* Internal modulation up to 2kHz
Advanced testing environments require a high-performance, stable light source to guarantee accurate and reliable test results. The IQS-2100 offers this and more. Steady drive circuitry maximizes optical output power and maintains excellent stability, while precision optical components ensure efficient low-loss, narrow-beam output coupling.
This module light source features an exceptional selection of single- or dual-wavelength, singlemode and multimode light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and Fabry-Perot lasers. This source is an essential building block in many test stations, whether for IL, ORL or PDL measurements of broadband components. The FLS-2100’s ORL option enables optimal return loss measurements at 1310, 1550 or 1625 nm.
Reduce interference-related problems when measuring a device’s ORL with EXFO’s large linewidth Fabry-Perot laser, the IQS-2100 ORL Light Source. This source is available at 1310 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm for use in EXFO’s modular IQS-500 platform or IQ-200 System. Combine one or many sources with the IQS-3200 Return Loss Meter to create a custom test station.
See product description and spec sheets at: http://documents.exfo.com/specsheets/IQS-FLS-2100-ang.pdf ; and http://www.microlease.com/Static/TechnicalGuides/IQsources.pdf
This item is slightly used, in perfect working condition and good physical shape.