Exfo iq-206 optical test system / isa card / 2 modules


Subject: Exfo iq-206 optical test system / isa card / 2 modules
Exfo IQ-206 Expansion Unit and ISA Bus Interface,
Including IQ-5100 Polarization Controller Module,
and IQ-3400 PDL/OL Meter Module
IQ-206 Expansion Unit, ISA Bus Interface, and Modules are compatible with IQ-203 Optical Test System or ISA bus computer (WIN95/98). Includes EXFO IQ-200 Optical Test System Fiberoptic Instrument Software V2.4R1. (Note that the two included modules, IQ-5100 Polarization Controller module and the IQ-3400 Polarization Dependent Loss / Optical Loss module, are not compatible with the EXFO IQS-500 system. See our other listings for additional modules that are all compatible with the IQS-500 system: IQ-1600 Four Channel Power Meter, IQ-3200 Return Loss Meter, and IQ-2100 1550nm 0dBm laser Light Source.)
Includes ISA bus PC interface card, cable, original manual for IQ-200 series "GPIB and IQ Applications", IQ-200 original manual "Optical Test System", IQ-510 original manual "Polarization Controller", EXFO PDL Reference Cable, jumper cable, three Certificates of Compliance, power cord.
See product description and spec sheets at: http://www.testmart.com/webdata/mfr_pdfs/EXFO/EXFO(IQ-3400.pdf , for the IQ-3400 manual see http://oracle.et.put.poznan.pl/~photon/Fotonik/exfo/Polar.pdf#search=%22iq-3400%22
New price c. 2001: $18,531 = $2286 (IQ-206) + $8245 (IQ-5100) + ?$8000 (IQ-3400)
This item is slightly used, in perfect working condition and good physical shape.