Exclusive versa-view mobile exam table


Subject: Exclusive versa-view mobile exam table
then wheeled directly into surgery suites,
with easy and accurate positioning,
ensuring consistent, quality results.
Versa View- Mobile X-Ray Examination Table Features:
* Handle Bars For Quick Easy Positioning
* Table Size: 56"L x 24"W x 30"H., 250 lb. Capacity.
* Table Shelf. 54"L x 23'W Holds Your Accessories.
* Easily Removable Portable X-Ray Unit Mounting System.
* Chrome Brushed Metal 18 x 18 Cassette Tray.
* Cassette Cabinet With Horizontal Travel.
* Adjustable Discrete Vertical SID 26"-36".
* Tie-Down Rails For Patient Positioning & Restraint.
* Grid Ready With 18" x 18" Slotted Track, Unique Grid Shift
Allows Grided Split Film X-rays In Cassette Cabinet Movement.
* Travel Movements Of X-Ray Beam.
* Horizontal with Simultaneous Cassette Cabinet
* Transverse * Oblique *Rotation
* Vertical * Lateral *Angulation
* Four Dual Wheels Locking Casters.
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