Ex demo jelly spraying system, mobile bakery machine.


Subject: Ex demo jelly spraying system, mobile bakery machine.
Only used for demonstrations at a recent exhibition
Jelly Spraying has become easier, quicker and much more effective. With an extremely fast heating the Hermetic boiler inside the Record Jelly Sprayer, the machine is always ready to use, no more waiting time mean more efficient production. There is no need to top up the end of the day and also energy saving is guaranteed.
Fitted with a fast compressed air joint at the front and with a high powered compressor the Record Jelly Sprayer can be used for so many applications including those that require compressed air and those using the thickest of products.
Made entirely from Stainless Steel the robust unit is mobile and easy to clean. By having the jelly container stored safely within a special hatch at the back of the unit, hygiene is guaranteed
With the aim of continuous product development Record have enriched the Jelly Sprayer with a new device: The "HEATED" LODGING FOR THE DISPENSING GUN.
This innovative lodging system ensures jelly will not crystallize inside the joint.
This allows the machine to also be ready to use immediately also after a long period of inactivity and ensures hygiene and safety.