Espresso machine four 4GROUP brasilia restyling


Subject: Espresso machine four 4GROUP brasilia restyling
Espresso Machine Four 4Group Brasilia Restyling Used one & half years / Our Cafe bought by Starbucks $
This is a 4 group Brasilia Restyling Espresso machine. It was used a local cafe in a hotel. They got bought out by starbucks and here is the machine. Installed in jan of 2005. Pulled out of service March 2006 This machine had regular monthly service. This machine was a backup for the main four group machine. It had little use compared to the other one. It comes with four new portafilters and a cleaning kit. new drain hose and a new inlet hose. The group gaskets & screens were just changed. LOOK at the pictures this is a fantastic machine for your new cafe!!
BRASILIA PORTOFINO RESTYLING DEL4 Four-group fully automatic electronic espresso machine with 1 to 8 cup simultaneous delivery capability. Ideal for or any high volume operation of espresso bar, hotel, restaurant, or café.
• Four-group brewing device with pre-infusion system for 1-8 cup simultaneous delivery.
• Coffee delivery independently controlled by microprocessor system.
• Die cast aluminum body with high gloss black enamel exterior finish.
• Push-button control pad with on/off override button.
• Dual pressure gauge indicator for pump and boiler pressure.
• Nickel-plated copper boiler.
• Thermal heat exchanger to monitor coffee temperature.
• Four portion selectors with continuous delivery and a stop button.
• Two moveable steam jets with specially designed valves.
• One moveable hot water spout.
• Emergency manual tank refill.
• Automatic pump shut off preventing breakdown.
• Four adjustable anti-static NSF legs.
• Programmable automatic back washing per group.
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