Espresso cappuccino latte mocha machine "vanezia"


Subject: Espresso cappuccino latte mocha machine "vanezia"
* This Is Professional Grade Cappuccino Equipment *
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It sounds like "Beware of the Dog," however it's much worse than that. Beware of all the promises that companies make before they get their hands in your wallet. All the claims (some of them false), all the warranty promises (such as the manufacturer in Italy gives you 2 years warranty - fake, since the manufacturer would never welcome a call from you regarding warranty), and the funniest one of all is when they promise you nationwide assistance (on location, we offer you immediate assistance when you have a problem). They all sound like Dell computers or IBM (both of which, by the way, who offer the true form of warranty that is non-existant in my field). If all of those were true we wouldn't be getting in excess of 100 telephone calls a week from people seeking help that they cannot get from the very people they bought the machine from. We assist more people (99 out of 100 that we did not sell the machine to originally) than probably any other company in this field in America, and we are proud to say that we don't only help but we are "GRACIOUS TO ALL OF THEM." So, the next time you see those claims take them with a grain of salt, and if you want a second opinion call my chief engineer Bill Long and check them out with him. He'll be happy to give you a first rate opinion.
The only thing you need is confidence in yourself before you instill it in your employees. I will definitely take care of the former if you promise me to do the later. And that is all included in the price. Let's make money the old fashioned way!
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