Espresso, cappuccino, latte,mocha - 2 grp novella


Subject: Espresso, cappuccino, latte,mocha - 2 grp novella
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For so long I have fought " tooth and nail " the temptation of joining the robertic cappucinno machines craze. I have written lots in the past about how enjoyable should be making a cappuccino and how important it should be the ritual (process) of turning something that cost $.29 into something that people pay up to $5.00 for it ( and with pleasure). In the days when I started this industry one of the first things I learn was to turn the 20 seconds that takes to make a cappuccino into a pleasant experience actually into a mini show. I am still successful at promoting that very thing but the request from all side are for machines that can make cappuccino at the touch of a botton. Even though for the rest of my life I will always promote the enjoyable, entertaining, interesting, showman and wow way of making a cappuccino I am going to also please the many requests of providing a cappucinno to whom ever is interested that can produce that most famous brew in 20 seconds at the touch of the botton