Espresso cappuccino latte machine "nuova simonelli"


Subject: Espresso cappuccino latte machine "nuova simonelli"
Espresso Cappuccino Latte Mocha Machine
There are several steps in producting a fabulous cappuccino.
A) There is a container that holds the beans
B) A switch that you push to grind the beans
C) A receptacle that holds the ground coffee
D) A lever or a handle that you pull to release the ground into a port-filter.
E) There is a brew head where you put the above and lock it
F) There is a switch you push to activate the group
At this point you have an espresso.
G) There is a steam jug where you put milk to froth
H) There is a steam nozzle that you turn to release steam into the milk so you can froth it and heat it for latte or cappuccino
I) There is a thermometer that you use in order to control the milk temperature
J) There is a spoon you can use to properly lay the milk and foam in the cappuccino or latte glass
At this point you have a cappuccino made.
The above machine is refurbished and has been checked thoroughly by our technicians, for that we are ready to guarantee it. Call Domenic for more information at if you need it.