Esd-2000I esd electrostatic discharge simulator & probe


Subject: Esd-2000I esd electrostatic discharge simulator & probe
Compliance Design ESD-2000i ESD Electrostatic Simulator Test System
Charge Reservoir Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
with Probe Gun - rated 330 ohms, 150pF
With printed manual & Hard Storage Case
Comes as pictured with Probe, manual, and a storage case. Works, meter indicates KV, pot adjusts voltage, all knobs and switches operate smoothly and are responsive. Produces a spark as seen in photos. In excellent condition since it has a padded storage case. The exterior of the case has some scuff marks to be expected. Comes with power line cord. Any questions, etc., contact direct: or call Lee at . Here are some specs of the system from the manufacturer:
Compliance Designs ESD - 2000i
Engineered to test for compliance with ESD standards. The ESD-2000i is the solution to manufacturer's concerns about system level immunity. Utilization of the latest ESD technology, including Compliance Design's Charge Reservoir, has yielded sub nanosecond rise times for contact discharge events in strict accordance with IEC standards.In addition, the ESD-2000i can easily produce either positive or negative discharges at voltages as high as 25kV in a variety of human models.
* Discharge voltage V o (air-discharge): 2 -25 kV
* Discharge voltage V o (contact-discharge): 2 -9 kV
* Polarity: positive/negative
* Discharge capacitor Cs: 150 pF ± 10%
* Discharge resistor Rd: 330 ohms ± 10%
* Test finger: conforms to IEC Standards
* Max. discharge energy: 50 mJ at 25 kV
* Current pulse shape conforms to IEC Standards
* Voltage indication accuracy (LED): ±5%
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