Ericsson fsu-975 fusion splicer


Subject: Ericsson fsu-975 fusion splicer
Used but in good working condition.
Take all the well-known features of our FSU 925 splicer, make them better, improve performance and package everything in a design that's even more user-friendly and simpler to operate. The result? The new FSU 975.
You get enhanced versatility and functionality plus all the benefits of Ericsson¢¯s unique loss estimation method. The splicer even comes complete with software for erbium, and for attenuating and tapering fibers.
That's not all. The FSU 975 also has a fast splicing sequence and can store data for up to 150 splices.
You get Windows 95/NT-based PC communications software for editing parameters, loading/downloading programs, making print-outs and storing data on diskettes. You can even build your own macros with simple record and playback functions.
By integrating the latest camera technology, the FSU 975 offers state-of-the-art high resolution imaging for accurate alignment and the best possible estimation. You can work in temperatures above +40¡ÆC, thanks to the automatic temperature control.
* Warm Image Direct Access: One-touch button for immediate view.
* Menu-based splicing programs: Scrolling for easy program selection and Alphanumeric choice of programs.
* Extended temperature range: +40¡ÆC with temperature-control
* Fast automatic splicing sequence
* Increased memory for up to 150 splices
* PC communications package for loading/downloading data, programs and parameter editing
Azithumal: POL method Axial: Hot core alignment with real time control
32.2 dB (Mean, STD 2.73), up to 40 dB for certain types
90 - 264 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz 13.2 V DC
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