Erco quinta spotlights - designer track lighting


Subject: Erco quinta spotlights - designer track lighting
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Item Description: ERCO 73132.062
Quinta is the name given to ERCO's range of spotlights developed in cooperation with Danish architect and designer Knud Holscher. It took two years of intensive development work to find a design that satisfies the numerous technical requirements for the product range, while also being easy to handle and operate. The design of the Quinta range is characterized by basic mechanical functions that have never been used in this particular way before. The design developed by Knud Holscher had to fulfill two tasks: rotating and tilting the light head within clearly defined angles, as well as fixing set directions of the light head in order to avoid accidental changes of set lighting alignment on the other. In the course of designing the Quinta spotlight, Knud Holscher produced angle-measuring details which clearly indicate their function. It is no coincidence that these luminaries are reminiscent of nautical instruments: High-precision devices, since the Quinta product range also provides great precision for adjusting and fixing the angles of tilt and rotation. This means maximum user-friendliness, convenience and safety, especially for professional exhibitors who demand high quality lighting technology when illuminating their exhibitions. The angles of rotation and tilt can both be read off the pinions running in the gear rings. The angle of rotation is displayed between 0° and 360°, while the angle of tilt is read and adjusted between 0° and 90°. Quinta spotlights are cast aluminum and are available in white and silver. The product range uses tungsten halogen lamps such as low-voltage halogen lamps, R and PAR lamps as well as high-pressure discharge lamps. This ensures a wide range of uses for all the important areas in architecture. The DALI-compatible luminaries feature digitally addressable control gear, which can individually address every single luminaire, i.e. using the ERCO Light System DALI and the pre-programmed ERCO Light Studio software.
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