Ensemble communications fiberless 3100 multiplexer odu


Subject: Ensemble communications fiberless 3100 multiplexer odu
* Frequency Band: 31.00-31.30 Ghz
The Fiberless Multiplexer outdoor unit (ODU) combines a low profiles, narrow beam antenna and broadband RF transceiver to provide reliable, high-speed communications between a Fiberless Multiplexer at a subscriber or mobile BTS site and a Fiberless Backhaul Hub. Incorporating Ensemble's patented Adaptive TDD innovations, the ODU is available in band from 10 GHz to 45 GHz.
The ODU antenna uses a tight beam of less than 2.5 degrees, with vertical or horizontal polarization. The ODU can be mast- or wall-mounted for flexible, easy implementation.
The ODU connects to the Access Multiplexer through a cable with a run of up to 1,000 feet, carrying all traffic and telemetry information. In addition, the ODU synthesizes frequency.
Managing the ODU is easy, thanks to our powerful FIberless Management System (FMS). Onboard SNMP and embedded web protocols let operators monitor and control the ODU location remotely.
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