Endoscopic stryker, sterivac eto ,


Subject: Endoscopic stryker, sterivac eto ,
Stryker 772 camera and stryker 10 mm 0 degreee scope with working channel, stryker digital insuffolator, storz mini light source, tripolar acmi cutting and cauterizing forcepts, storz electrocatery unit, newer stryker clear light cord all are being used in veterinary clinic.. 3m sterivac with 15 cartridges air compessor 220 plug and all hoses except exhaust fan and eto monitor, C02 BOTTLE STAINLESS STEEL CART on wheels.2 full commercial packs with 10 mm endopath and insuffulation hose with filter, endo retract 2, Yes everyhing you need to do endoscopic spays including the stainless steel tilt table.